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Get Every Dollar Possible from Your Vacation Rental!

“Of the six books pertaining to vacation rentals that I’ve bought in the past from various sources, this book is by far the best!” – Mary R.

The Vacation Rental Goldmine leads you step by step to get the most profit from your property.  These strategies can put thousands more in your pocket by truly making your vacation home stand out from the competition.  The keys to this system are great guest experience and detailed instructions on how to make it happen.

Most Vacation Rental books cover concepts and leave the reader to figure out what to do and how.  The Goldmine System starts with the guest and works backwards through everything, from shopping for a vacation rental to post vacation communication.   The author walks you through instructions and tips to create great guest experiences.  A full rental calendar of returning guests coupled with effective marketing will increase your bookings, rates and income.

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Chapter 1 – Create a Vacation Rental Marketing Plan

Make sure guests know how fantastic your property is and will absolutely want to vacation there.  Go step by step through topics such as identifying your home’s unique features and how to price your property most effectively.

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Chapter 2 – Guest Experience Really Matters!

Identify the experiences you want to create for guests and highlight in your marketing.  Study the best in the hospitality business to differentiate from the competition.

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Chapter 3 – Browse Listings – Draw Guests in with Experiences

Use experiences to transform the casually browsing guest into imagining “being there”.

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Chapter 4 – Choose Property – Know and Appeal to Prospective Guests

Connect with shopping guests by knowing how to appeal to their interests.  Tips to modernize your property help make it most appealing.


Chapter 5 – Choose Property – Create an Exceptional Listing

Bring your property to life with a standout listing that gets you more bookings.

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Chapter 6 – Choose Property – Create a Great Vacation Property Website

Learn how to make a great standalone website and convert more bookings.

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Chapter 7 – Choose Property – Vacation Property Comparison Shopping

Wow and connect with your prospective guests with inquiry responses that always hit the mark.


Chapter 8 – Booking – Make the Reservation Easy!

Discover ways to make the reservation largely effortless and vacation preparation easy for your guests.

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Chapter 9 – Vacation – Put Your Guests First

Design the vacation experience by working backwards from your guest’s needs and positive feelings you strive to create.


Chapter 10 – Creating Great Local Guest Experience

Invest heavily in local guest experience and learn effective techniques to pick the best local partner to make it happen.

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Chapter 11 – Using Data to Maximize Rental Income

Use data to make the most money possible from your vacation rental.  Watch key metrics to help you make marketing investment decisions and price your property right.

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Chapter 12 – The Financials of Vacation Rentals

Set your goals, build a financial plan, and track actuals to always know exactly where you stand financially.


Click Here to Purchase The Book on Amazon

Ebook prices start as low as $2.99