I was very impressed by Chris’ wealth of knowledge about the short term rental business. I highly recommend his book and encourage you to attend any seminar where Chris is speaking. – Roxana K.

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I want to help you get every dollar possible from your vacation rental! Whether you are just getting started or you are an experienced owner wanting to focus on a specific area – I can help! Let’s setup a free discussion via skype or conference call to discuss where you are looking to take your vacation rental business. I try to keep my rates very low so we can work together and meet your goals economically.

I offer the below services at low price but can customize to your needs with a low hourly rate.

ServiceCostWhat You Get
Listing Score & Recommendations$35Make your listing high impact!!! Put your listing up against the Goldmine 25 point scoring success criteria. You get a written report that includes a score and recommendations to get a top notch listing. Review conference included.
Marketing Plan Review$35I will review your VR marketing plan and provide a written report with recommendations. Highlight your best features to your guests!
VR Marketing Assessment$50I will review your listing, website and any other marketing materials and provide recommendations. Tune your marketing materials for the greatest impact.
VR Starter Package$50A customized 1+ hour session to get the foundation set for your VR business. A written report with recommendations is included. Get your VR business off the ground for great success.
VR Website Design$35Session and written recommendations to design your VR website. Make a great impact on your prospective guests.
Local Guest Support$50A local support planning and scoring session to help you pick the best local service for your property. Get the very best local support in your area.

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