Hats Off To These Great European Owners

London-Black&White House
London – B&W House
Paris - Abelard Apartment
Paris – Abelard Apartment












One of the best ways to improve your VR guest experience is to be a guest of other owners. Not only is it great vacation fun, fellow owners are an excellent source of ideas and inspiration. My family and I had the opportunity to be VR guests on a recent trip to London and Paris.  We are a family of four with two daughters ages 13 and 11. In both cities, we were incredibly fortunate as these owners delivered exceptional and unique guest experiences.


Are You Getting Enough Customers to Your Vacation Rental “Shop”?


In many ways, we are Vacation Rental Shopkeepers.  The best shopkeepers understand their customer’s needs to be more profitable.  What are customers looking for?  When do they shop?  Are enough customers coming to my shop?  These insights can make every shopkeeper more money.  Fortunately, finding these answers for your Vacation Rental “shop” isn’t difficult, it just requires dedication to track basic data.  Let’s tackle each of these questions in order.


Is Your Listing Ritz Carlton or Red Roof Inn?



Vacations are experiences.  Where you stay when you travel is a critical component of any vacation, however, the memories created are what is long lasting.  To make your vacation home part of your guest memories, get them dreaming of what they will experience as they read your listing.  This will capture their attention, get them booking your place, and help them start creating their own vacation memories.


4 Tips for a Great Property Website



While I am pretty sure the How the Internet Works diagram above isn’t right, fortunately none of us really need to know how the Internet works to have a great property website.  I have been a technology nerd for a while with property websites for a number of years. Throughout this time, I asked many of my guests about what was important to them about a property website.  Here is what I learned: